Whipped Cream

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when i went to lake louise i saw some guy playing guitar to a red gyarados #rare 
i saw this and it was just too funny. couldnt resist.get a band, get a girl, get a lifeLMAO
omfg this is so funny
gdragons hair from “monster” looks like a mushroom from an enchanted forest
sry gotta promote this like mad again. yez sonn
his hair actually looks like mickey mouse’s ears ahahahahahaha
Iron man becoming Tony Stark. Just something I did since I was bored. Hope you enjoy!Honestly this took me a while to do…. 
Brush ShakalakaThis brush looks exactly like TOPwhat a handsome brush*this is not my picture. props to whoever did this
me as a lion. basically nana’s twin. sorry my photoshop sucks. ahahahaha 
i found the original gif of this incredibly funny so i decided to Photoshop it ahahahahah THIS IS US WHEN WE FINISH EXAMS or when our home team scores a goal or something ahahahaha JUST TO ANYTHING GOOD THAT HAPPENS. hope u like it 
i dunno why i have friends. i reblogged the original gif too if u wanna see it. just a little test run on gif editing. i put my face on gd ahahaahahha  
when my friend tells me to look at some pretty girl standing behind me i do this
look at this and then check out my version
just something quick i did. good luck on exams everyone! awwwwwwwyuh asparagus attack! better give em some water. and yeah that’s toilet paper again. 
his hair is literally a bunch of bananas. kinda looks like a lemon too